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Web & Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media

Solutions for Businesses and Individuals


We are Aapta Solutions, a Web Design and Internet marketing company with 11 years of experience in Digital Services, transforming businesses and making them ready for Digital Age. Buy Micro services related to your business or your individual portfolio right from web hosting to hosting a Blog or even getting your Business cards Printed. Every service at affordable rates and easy access to information.

Design, Development, Security, Backups

WordPress Services & Solutions


SEO, Internet Marketing, Facebook, Youtube

Social Media & Marketing

Dedicated Support

We have 9 dedicated channels to be in touch with us and work from Mon to Fri 8AM to 10 PM IST. Get in touch with us through any channel and we will help all your concerns.

Knowledge Base

Extensive Knowledge Base, to help you with every concern you have even before you can get in touch with us. Every question answered in detail with GIF, Video and Image guides.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every service except few offers a complete money back guarantee, which will guarantee the best of our services but also the best quality design or code for your business.

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