We are Passionate About web.

We are passionate about web and we believe that web should be free for every one. So we are here to help any one and every to achieve what they want online – be it a business or personal profile. We charge a nominal fee only to keep our websites live.

For Individuals

If you are an individual, freelancer, or just some one tri=ying to popular online.

Our resources will help you get online, start a blog or personal website, or even a online resume for your self, mostly for free. Yes, for free you can be online with a live blog or website and learn evey thing on your own from a layman’s perspective.

For businesses

Are you a company small or big – with a team working for you Our membership is must for you.

The toughest part of business is operations, daily tasks and some times even marketing. For all these problems we have solution that will hep you excel in your field and be the best in what you do.

For every one else

You may not have a business or a job or even an idea to start in some thing you like. Then we this is for you …

Are you stuck and not sure how to start hunting for a job, or start your online business with less investment or no investment or yet want to start your passive income online business. You get every thing you need on this site.

AAPTA is all you need

We have every thing that you need – articles, tools, free designs, marketing guides, seo tools, training material, offers, discount coupons, lifetime deals, Web hosting offers, website design tools, security tools, security softwares, content, forums and much more. And best part is MOST of them are free for you.

Our Team

Our team of prefoessionals are increasing day by day. You get best from experts.

We are team of professionals from different fields who will help you with all you web realted needs. We are working hard for you so that you can work smarter and benefit with our membership.

Dharmendra Asimi

SEO and Marketing


Web Apps, OS expert

Harsha Dubey

Content, legal and Research

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we are looking for experts with same passion and believe in #freeweb are welcome  – kindly send an email to [email protected]

Free Courses

Get free stuff that might help you with your online business or persoanl development. We try to update these every 2 days once or 3 days once.

Premium Resources (only for members)

Premium resources are only member access material that will help you with every thing mentioned above. More over as a sign up bonus you will get free stuff on signup.

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