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We are located in India – with offices in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. We work 24/7 through out the year, and try to provide info and support to all our members with out any time limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might help you before contacting us.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes we do, all our plans have 30 day money back guarantee, during which we will refund your money with out asking any questions. However we request your feedback for cancellation so that we can server you better next time when you are around

What do i get as member?

Prciing page all info that is required and all that you get as a member, and we keep adding stuff to that list of resources so that you will get access to all our resources for lifetime. So we suggest you to buy lifeitme pacakge instead of yearly.

Do you restrict members

All members will have complete access to every page on this site and every resource that will ever be added on this site forever. All we need is that you be a active member on our site and keep your subscription plan active or buy lifetime membership.

Do you plan to increase price

We do not have any plans of increasing the price any time soon, however we might do it. This will affect only to those paying yearly – lifeitme members will not be affected by this. So we recommend you to buy lifeitme membership.

How about licenses?

For all the resources that you get from our website, be it design or wordpress or html or even tutorials, training videos every thing is licensed and will be forever yours to use. You can use then for personal or commercial purposes, other wise mentioned in the resource page.

Do we get support?

Yes we provide 24/7 support via email and forums. We even provide support via phone only if we think its necessary so we request you to update your profile with correct details.

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Get free stuff that might help you with your online business or persoanl development. We try to update these every 2 days once or 3 days once.

Premium Resources (For members only)

Premium resources are only member access material that will help you with every thing mentioned above. More over as a sign up bonus you will get free stuff on signup.

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