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Dragie, Dragify & Other Online Site Builders – To Buy Or Not To Buy

Dragie, Dragify & other online site builders – To buy or not to buy

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Not too long ago there was a time when starting an online portal for your existing business meant leaving it all at the mercy of website designers. Be it the costs involved, time taken to complete the project or even the overall design of your website the designer called all the shots.

There was little by way of choice for a business owner. Not anymore. Today even business owners with little or no knowledge of web designing can build a professional looking customised site by themselves at a fraction of the cost. If anything today there is a problem of plenty meaning that there are so many web solutions available that choosing the one best suited to your business can be quite a challenge. On the one hand you have website builders like #Dragie and #Dragify that come with a drag-and-drop feature. And on the other you have a digital marketplace like Themeforest where among many other things you get to pick and choose from several site builders. Which one is a better option?

#Websitebuilders came into being with one purpose only and that was to do away with coding. Here all the code comes pre written on to the website building blocks saving you the expense of hiring a professional to take care of the same. As opposed to this a WordPress setup will need a programmer to figure out the complex coding at some point but the upside of this being that the website can be designed to make it SEO friendly.

Coming back to online site builders like Dragie and Dragify here is how they do things. Before you even begin to create a site using the drag-and-drop feature of these above mentioned sites you will first need to sign up with them and subscribe to one of their plans – a monthly fee, annual renewal or lifetime membership are the standard options. While a lifetime plan will cost you a few hundred dollars the annual plan will be no less than fifty to sixty bucks at least.Some of these online site builders (like Dragify) are throwing in lifetime domain hosting as part of their subscription plans.

While this does sound enticing let us see what Themeforest has to offer on this count. In fact if one were to compare this with the Themeforest marketplace there are a few clear differences. The one grouse one had earlier with digital products on Themeforest was the lack of support in case of issues but now these products come with free support for six months at least and an option to extend support further. One is that of the variety of site building templates on offer.

You will be able to select the one which you feel is best suited for your project. Not only are these top notch in terms of quality but also fast and user friendly too. Then there is the obvious price factor where customers can get an online site builder from Themeforest at/or less than $20. And no, there is no compulsion to get a subscription nor is there any to keep renewing it regularly either.

The one thing to watch out for when it comes to Themeforest products is that they are loaded with features which means that changing to another theme/template might affect the functionality of the site itself. So when it comes to selecting the site building template that you like it is important to watch out for these pitfalls.

To conclude when one considers all the various parameters like price, reliability, support, multiple options and performance it would seem quite obvious that buying off Themeforest seems like the more sensible thing to do. When it comes to building your website, all by yourself.

Some of top selling, best rated website builders on #themeforest (HTML builders). Use these and save money, instead of wasting money builders with lifetime licenses.


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  • Dragie – Cost $199 for lifetime – sometimes just $39 through deals websites.
  • Dragify – costs $299 for lifetime, sometimes just $49 through deals websites.
  • Templates on Themeforest with Builders cost from $5 to $27 some times, you get at a discounted period through holiday season.

* Check out my future articles for best and most affordable and easy to use page builders for developers, designers or even business people to design their own website. We will rate on different aspects and make it easy for you to chose the right one. So follow us or subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates. 



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