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Are you a Freelancer, Photographer, Artist, Actor, Interior Designer, Blogger, Vlogger or any other profession where you work for you own self in your own timings, then we are here to offer you services that help you grow in your field. 

From Domain Registration to website design, or showcasing your talent online through website or social media, we will help you grow your audience. 

You can chose services required based on your budget and pay only for those you require. 

You may be a Graphic Artist with web design skills, yet you still need Web Hosting and Domain, SEO, Marketing or Social Media Services. 

If you are skilled with every solution we offer, for them we offer a reseller services where you can sell our services and make money or be a part of Team Aapta and earn money.


Personal Branding

Want to Brand yourself on Internet. Suitable for Artists, Actors, Designers, Socialites, Politicians, Basically any one who wants presence on Internet.

Portfolio Website

Want to showcase your works on internet through a website. Then this is suitable for you. A Website to show all your works withe ready SEO & Marketing.

Social Media

Want to market yourself on social media websites, service that will not only help you design posts for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but all to grow your fans.

Print Solutions

Want to Business Cards, Letter heads or any other print material with you name on it. Then solutions for design, printing and shipping to your address directly.

Web Apps

Want to a web or mobile app to cater to your clients, in any manner. Be it for Designers, Just Followers, Support System then we offer custom apps for you.