Instagram Optimization (Marketing)

8,999.00 7,999.00 GST Extra

Grow your Instagram Followers, and Automate your Instagram growth with unique and guaranteed marketing strategies. Become Popular on Instagram.


Instagram Marketing Plan that can help you kick start your Instagram Growth, and get new followers and also Free access to a Premium Paid Instagram marketing Tool.  Your Account will be handled by us for 30 days, where we do not ask you for the account credentials.


  1. 30 days of the Instagram marketing campaign with at least 20 post designs.
  2. All Designs will be done in Photoshop (content has to be provided by you).
  3. You can expect at least 1000 + followers in these 30 days.
  4. You can get at least 2000 + likes on all these 20 posts.
  5. We will follow new people based on your profile category.
  6. We will also unfollow people.
  7. We will also comment and likes posts based on categories.
  8. Hashtag analysis and Hashtag usage in posts.
  9. All will be delivered with a detailed report at the end of the month.

Free Tool: We will be offering you a Free Instagram Marketing tool, where you can schedule and post to Instagram along with complete Auto Marketing features like – Following, Unfollowing, Likes, Comments and more. This tool can be used for a lifetime and no need to pay any extra charges. 


  1. All Followers you get through this campaign will stay with you for at least 6 months, though our track record shows that they stay forever. We guarantee 6 months and if you lose them within 6 months, we will start the campaign again and make sure you get the followers back.
  2. Guaranteed Likes – chances are that you might trend when you get more likes, however, if you do not, then all we can suggest you us t buy more likes from individual packages.


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