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Why Stacking Up Your Envato Purchases Is Not A Good Idea

Why stacking up your Envato purchases is not a good idea

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It is not for nothing that #Envato is widely regarded as the leading global marketplace for anything and everything that is digital. After all this is a community made up of the best web developers, photographers and producers offering over a million products and services.

These digital assets cater to every need of a creative person allowing for building an entire website from scratch to launch, without too many hassles. These could include interactive themes, user friendly templates, video footages, plugins & sliders and all those things that can help bring your dream project to fruition.

While it might be true that no other source offers the variety of products & services & at the very affordable prices that Envato does, stacking up all your buyings off Envato is not really advisable. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why.

* These factors based on the observations from us as being part of Envato, by purchasing many templates, scripts and other design resources for more than 10 years. #themeforest #codecanyon 

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This is a tricky one. You sign into the Envato market and happen to like a website template that is not just perfect for your own site but is also dirt cheap. Without wasting much time you add this product to ‘the cart’ and buy it, right? Wrong.

Before you purchase it is always important to take note of a few things. Like how long is this particular product supported (usually these have a 180 day support from the day of purchase) and more crucially what happens after the free support ends? Reason being that there are several products & services on Envato where the extended support costs much more than what you paid for the product itself.

Like you bought this cool new web theme for 20 bucks and an year later when you wanted to actually use it encountered some problems. You contact theme author for support and find that it will cost you 40 bucks (for 6 months support). Clearly this is not what you signed up for. Bottomline – avoid buying stuff that you might not readily need as it will prove counter productive.

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If there is a factor that is even more important in the larger scheme of things than the price of a certain product it is the support available. As any owner of an online business will tell you building & launching a website is only a small part of the whole deal. Greater effort is required to maintain the site 24/7 and to ensure that all aspects are working just right.

For there will always be some software, plugin, animation or template that will need some ‘fine tuning’ If you have designers at hand to address these issues that is an ideal situation to be in. But if you do not then it is necessary for you to weigh your options carefully before buying a new product. Like is it really worth paying a hefty fee for paid support?

Some times, you have problems with themes, scripts or templates that you bought which are not supported by theme authors for one simple reason, Hosting – your hosting does not provide you more than 256 MB RAM or More PHP execution time or many other Hosting related problems.

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The other aspect about the digital products and services on Envato that is less well known is that they can be taken off the site without any prior notice. This can leave you in the lurch with nobody to turn to in case you encounter problems while using the product. So do your homework lest you end up buying a digital asset that could become a liability.

There are several ‘tech’ forums online where you can know more about the product that you are interested in buying and the kind of support that is there on the internet. Also it might be pertinent to sift through user reviews to see what the experience of other customers has been.

Just because a particular item is available for a good price and seems like an exciting new addition to your website do not be in a tearing hurry to purchase it. You will only regret having made the purchase later.

In the last 10 years or being with Envato, we have purchased more than 500 + items, and at least 40 % of them are taken off till date.

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A new trend albeit a disturbing one is of themes/ templates that bundle premium plugins. For most customers the offer of additional features like premium extensions & plugins at no extra fee can be quite enticing.

Trouble with this is that a customer is not really getting a license for the bundled software and all he is getting is one version of the code. And without a license the premium plugin will not be secure, get any automatic updates and is as good as useless. Even worse when you look around for support you will not find any.

Approach the folks who designed the theme and they will not help as the plugin was not bought from them and so they will not know what has been done with the code. So you go to the guy who authored the plugin and you will be sent back to the theme guys all over again. And we are not even talking about compatibility issues that you are likely to face sometimes (even though the theme is fully checked with the bundled plugin).


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